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Looking for a relaxing and affordable way to practice frequently on the wheel and perfect your skills? Open Studio wheel use membership is $150 monthly for up to 30 hours open-studio time per month. (without membership it is $10 per hour) Use of our clay and tools included.  Any pieces you choose to keep are priced at $12 per pound of clay and includes two firings and use of glazes.  Clay can be recycled back into available clay for any pieces not being kept. Membership includes all studio time in which you are Throwing or Trimming. We will not charge you for the time it takes to glaze in the front open studio area. Wheels are available during Open Studio times only and not during regularly scheduled classes. Use of the slab-roller, wedging tables and tools is also available. Up to 30 hours of Open Studio Wheel Time available each month. Private Instruction is not included in your rental fee. If you need help with various techniques or concepts you will be charged a discounted hourly rate.


This does not auto-renew monthly.  Purchase this one time or many times as desired.  


Open wheel and clay room use is for ages 16 and up only.  

Please review the policies document which you can review here.

  • Renters are responsible for care of equipment during use
  • Ages 16 and up only for uninstructed rental.  Any child under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and the adult is responsible for care of equipment during use as well as cleanup.

  • Rental is non-instructed and renters are required to have basic knowledge and experience of wheel use and confidence in centering, opening, widening, pulling, and trimming when necessary.

  • $10.00 add’l per wheel if wheel is not cleaned after use

  • $5.00 per broken tool if tools are used

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