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Our birthday parties are something everyone will enjoy! We will have a  dedicated staff member will be with you. A non-refundable $25 deposit is required to reserve the space will be applied to your event fees. Should you need to change anything, please let us know 24-hours in advance. You can reach us at 623-214-3133. We encourage you to check out our studio when booking your party to see all we have to offer!


-The cost is the price of the item PLUS a $10 studio fee per person

-Our party room can hold up to 12 kids or 10 adults

-Parents are encouraged to drop their children off and not plan to stay

- Non-guests are more than welcome to stay paint an item in the main shop if they choose 

-2 adults may stay with the party

-You can bring food, drinks, and decorations (you can decorate up to 30 minutes prior to the event)

-You have the room for 2 hours, so please plan accordingly 

-The paint washes off all clothes

Paint Pour

-Cost is $35 per person

-Up to 10 people

-Pick up any time after two days

-Plan 45-60 minutes for your event

-Paint will stain clothes

Pottery Wheel

-Cost is $65 per person

-Up to 9 people

-You get to keep up to two items that you make

-Your items will be ready for pickup 3 weeks after your event

-Plan 1 1/2-2 hours for your event

-Clay will wash out

Canvas Art

-Cost is $35-$50 per person (price is based on canvas selection)

-The host will select a sample canvas for the event (everyone will paint the same canvas)

-Up to 10 people

-Plan 2 1/2 hours for your event

-Paint will stain clothes

Clay Building

-Cost is $35 per person

-Up to 10 people

-Your items will be ready for pickup 3 weeks after your event

-Plan 1 1/2-2 hours for event

-Clay will wash out

We have aprons available on a first come first serve basis for all customers.

About the party room...


-up to 12 kids

-up to 10 adults

What to bring

-Food, drinks, dessert

-Decorations (you can set up 30 minutes ahead of time)

-BYOB studio

What we supply

-The materials and supplies for you event

-Instructor and staff for your event

What to expect

There are benches and tables in the party room. There is a table where you can set up your food and supplies. You are welcome to set up your own decorations for your desire.

To schedule your own party call us at (623)214-3133 or schedule it through our calendar.

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